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  • Board meetings
  • Industry speeches
  • Team meetings
  • Analysts meeting
  • Recognition speeches
  • Road shows
  • Annual meetings
  • Media interviews


  • Employee meetings
  • Sales presentations
  • Social settings
  • Recruitment of senior managers


During this highly interactive process, you’ll have numerous opportunities to apply new knowledge and communication skills through videotaped presentations and one-on-one coaching.  We’ll help you enhance your performance in venues that are important to you, including:

The workshop is comprised of three components critical to your becoming a great communicator:

How You Look
You’ll learn how you can use your nonverbal skills and the way you dress to create a winning image.  We then videotape you and provide you with group and private coaching.  You’ll find this module will give you tremendous confidence that immediately takes your personal presence to higher levels.

How You Sound

You’ll learn how to improve vocal quality, become more passionate, speak positively and employ word economy.  The videotaping and group and private coaching that follow will give you the vocal tools to seize and maintain your listener’s interest.

What You Say

You’ll learn how to use The Pygmalion Presentation Process™ to systematically improve the quality and success of your presentations.  In addition, you’ll learn how to use The Pygmalion Method™ to quickly and easily organize your presentations, employ powerful multimedia tools, develop rapport and overcome objections.    

We’re confident you’ll begin to apply your communication knowledge and skills immediately following the workshop. 

As part of our commitment to making the principles we introduce a way of life for you, we’ll provide you with a one-year access to The Power of the Pitch iLearner, our on-line e-learning program that reinforces key concepts introduced in the workshop.  This tool has been found to spark new commitment and enthusiasm at a time when the temptation to keep old habits is the greatest.

The Workshop is conducted over two consecutive days or spread over multiple half-day sessions that meet your schedule.


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