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Goal Setter

In order to help you obtain maximum value from the program, it’s vital that we know as much about you as possible, including your education, experience and current activities.  Since everyone enrolls in the program for different reasons, we must also understand your objectives.  Following your completion of the Goal Setter Questionnaire, we’ll discuss your responses to ensure that we customize the program to meet your needs. 

360° Feedback Analyzer
How people perceive you is of vital importance.  Our mutual goal is to elevate the opinion your stakeholders have of you as a communicator.  In order to do this, we must understand what people see as your greatest communication strengths and opportunities for improvement.  Accordingly, we’ll facilitate the anonymous feedback from up to six clients, associates and team members.  This candid information is invaluable in giving you the self-awareness vital to achieving your goals.

Instinct Identifier
To begin the process of maximizing your potential, we ask that you complete the Kolbe A™ Index, a quick and easy 36-question Internet assessment instrument.  This isn’t an IQ or personality test, but rather a measurement of what you will and won’t do.  By understanding your natural instincts, we’ll be in a better position to advise you on how to communicate most effectively with your team, prospects and clients. 

Skills Snapshot
In order to create a starting point against which we’ll measure your progress, we’ll observe you giving a live or videotaped presentation. 

Competitive Profiler
By learning about your competitors, we’ll help you differentiate yourself and become a leader in your industry.  In this step, we’ll rely on your knowledge as well as information we receive from clients and team members.

The Discovery phase requires a one-hour meeting with you and approximately twenty minutes for you to take the Kolbe A Index on line.  The Pygmalion team will obtain 360° Feedback from your contacts, research your competition and review video taped or live presentation.  These activities are performed during the 30 days prior to the Training Phase.
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