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The Power of the Pitch: Transform Yourself Into a Persuasive Presenter and Win More Business

The ability to powerfully present yourself can be many times more valuable than technical knowledge and experience. In The Power of the Pitch Gary Hankins shows you how to incorporate into your presentations the same techniques and strategies he and his team use to coach clients close big deals and make huge incomes.


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The Power of the Pitch DVD and Audio CD Learning Program

You have only one chance to convince a prospect to choose you over the competition. Now you can learn how to powerfully persuade others and dramatically increase your closing ratio by following Gary Hankins’s proven method.

Includes: 1 hour 57 minute DVD, 1 hour 5 minute CD and 38-page workbook.


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We use Kolbe Corp.’s assessment tools to help clients hire the right people and build highly productive synergetic teams. The primary tool is the Kolbe A™ Index, a quick and easy 36-question Internet assessment instrument. This isn’t an IQ or personality test, but rather a measurement of natural talents. There are no right or wrong answers or good or bad results. Additionally, the Kolbe A™ Index has no biases by gender, age or race. It doesn’t reflect personality, learned behaviors or social style. The Kolbe A™ Index identifies natural abilities.
The New Hire Evaluator
By understanding a candidate’s natural instincts, we’ll be in a better position to advise you as to how a candidate will compliment your team and communicate with your staff, prospects and clients.

New Hire Evaluator includes:


One (1) Kolbe A™ Index for candidate 
Efficiency Indicators Report for Supervisors 

10-minute Consultation with Gary Hankins and Supervisor(s) 

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The Talent Identifier
You have a natural talent, an instinctive method of operating. The Kolbe A™ Index identifies those instinctive strengths or natural talents, which enable you to be productive, solve problems and complete tasks. After completing the Index Gary Hankins will interpret the results with you and help you take advantage of your natural talents.

The Talent Identifier includes:


One (1) Kolbe A™ Index
10-minute consultation with Gary Hankins
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The Right Fit System

This Right Fit System will help you determine the best candidate by comparing the applicant’s talents to what the job demands.

The Right Fit Package includes:

One (1) Kolbe C™ Index which measures the expectations of a specific job from a supervisor's perspective.
One (1) Kolbe A™ Index which measures a persons' instinctive strengths and natural talents.
The Range of Success Report describes what the candidate will and won't do.
The Right Fit Candidate Report provides an analysis of how the candidate’s natural talents align with the supervisor’s needs.

10-minute Consultation with Gary Hankins

* You can request The Right Fit Package for multiple candidates.
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The Great Communicator Program for Individuals
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We’re pleased to introduce you to The Great Communicator Program™ - a comprehensive seven-month formula guaranteed to transform you into a confident, dynamic communicator.

This program is specifically designed to enhance your image and influence in the business community. As a result of participating in the program, our clients have received big promotions, significantly increased their incomes and assumed important leadership positions. The program provides group presentation skills instruction followed by individual coaching.

The Great Communicator Masters Program
This six-month program provides continued coaching and skill building to achieve specific goals. Available only to graduates of The Great Communicator Program™, it includes the following components:

Monthly Focus Meetings held in our office or via webconference
Bimonthly two hour Presentation Coaching Sessions held in our office or via web or video conference
Unlimited use of The Help Line via the telephone or internet to conceptualize and outline presentations and review Power Point presentations